Lisa Sledzik
Spring Has Sprung Now Sell My House!
  • Intracoastal

Wow. It is late February and at 10 o’clock this morning I was buzzing down the Intracoastal Waterway taking pictures of a new listing~ it was in the mid 60’s and the water was the most beautiful shade of blue. Contrast this with the Today Show folks on the plaza~ once again huddled under umbrellas dodging snowflakes! (So sorry for those poor souls in the northeast this year.) We have had a few of those days here and there, but for the last two weeks we have had AMAZING weather in Wilmington! Carolina blue skies and temps in the 60’s and 70’s. Each and every time I have someone from out of town in my car, I mention the roller coaster of weather that seems to be particularly erratic in December and February; we are never quite sure how to dress but we are certainly never bored.

Now that it appears spring has arrived, so has the itch to move. Lots and lots of activity out there, in fact I did an open house last weekend and I had over 40 people stop by and say hello. It was a beautiful house, in a fantastic location, and priced to sell. It has been my experience that when a seller approaches the sale of their house realistically and when both seller and agent have done everything possible to put the house in its best light—it sells—regardless of market conditions!

When you interview a REALTOR®, you are soliciting a professional, expert opinion—no different than your physician, accountant or attorney’s. If you have chosen your REALTOR® candidate(s) carefully, you are speaking with a full time professional that in all likelihood works and has worked for quite some time 24/7 in a business that most buyers and sellers spend very little time in comparatively. Our future successes are reputation-driven and to that end, we are not interested in having you ‘give your house away’. In fact, we are focused on preserving as much of your investment as possible since it is probably the biggest one you have ever made.

In pricing a home for sale in this market, you have to walk a fine line. Almost without exception, the longer a house is on the market the less the sellers are going to get. The trick is to get it under contract in a less than average amount of time. Don’t be average! It will mean less cash in your pocket. Barbara Corcoran, a nationally known residential real estate consultant very recently suggested that a seller interview 3 agents and list with the one suggesting the lowest list price because they are the only one telling the truth. Strong and interesting commentary; I am not suggesting you do the same but it does make you think twice about who you are talking to regarding the sale of your house. Trust your agent. If he or she suggests de-cluttering, under decorating, or sprucing up—don’t take it personally. At this point in time your house is a commodity and we are most interested in enhancing its value for the masses—all with the intention of adding to your bottom line. Last but not least, remember that these days most people are initially exposed to homes for sale on a computer! Make sure the photos are as good as they possibly can be—lights on, interesting perspectives that showcase detail, wide angle and lifestyle shots, etc. Bring your house to life! Put your buyer hat on, talk with your agent and have a super critical eye. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so it needs to be great! Price, pictures, and presentation should all be executed well and with a knowledgeable agent.

For those who follow my occasional blog postings, you know I opt for more socially driven subject matter, but my recent open house and the feedback that followed got me going. Lest I skip dabbling in what could be considered equally interesting scuttlebutt these days, I will stick my toe into the Azalea Festival pool and suggest anyone doing wardrobe planning either pick up the latest Lilly Pulitzer catalogue or better yet stop by the Mayfaire store in person. I am not your typical Lilly gal but I absolutely devoured the oversized catalogue that adorned my mailbox a couple of weeks ago. It was beautiful and full of unique party dresses & jewelry that would look smashing on the BT deck on Garden Party Friday or shaggin’ on the Dirty dance floor. I will have more to say about spring flings next month

P.S. Guys and Gals, as I am sure you have taken into consideration, spread the love and variety for that special Garden Party garb at Torri/Bell, Island Passage, Monkees, Oliver, Sonny B, JCrew, Banana, Bloke & Gentlemen’s Corner are all ready, willing and able to get you comfy, cozy and lookin’ like a rock star for one of the most social days of the year.

Accessorize, individualize & own it!