Lisa Sledzik
Holiday Hangover

I was at the gym tonight debating the topic for my latest blog post when it hit me just like the bosu ball that almost knocked my front teeth out. Post New Year’s physical fitness!  Red wine, Osso Bucco and shortbread cookies haveall taken their toll on my waist line, or lack thereof as the case may be.


My personal fitness routine (and I use that term very loosely) typically consists of a daily trip or two around the Wrightsville Beach ‘Loop’,  20 +/- push ups  (if I do not forget), and a little bit of yoga here and there.  Given the chilly temperatures as of late, I’ve temporarily traded ‘The Loop’ in for the treadmill at the gym.


There are many great workout facilities here in Wilmington which include….Gold’s Gym with multiple locations, O2 Fitness, Wilmington Athletic Center and Crest Fitness; all of which offer everything you could want and then some.  Yoga seems to be hot, no pun intended, these days and there are many places in town that you will find a wide variety of classes.  I am partial to Porter’s Neck Yoga & Spa~ I think it has something to do with the view of the trees.  If you have not tried yoga, put it on your to do list!  It is relaxing and always a good work out, although you may not realize it until the next day. Devotees of Pilates will find themselves with a multitude of options from Gold’s Gym to personal, in home Reformer sessions. There seems to be a buzz in town surrounding a couple of new Cross Fit locations.  I’ve not experimented with this yet and from what I hear, chances are I won’t!  As you have already gathered from my ‘fitness routine’, I am more of a casual exerciser….which I understand Cross Fit is not.  A friend of mine in Charlotte is very familiar with Cross Fit and she can run circles around me after she has done a zillion squats, chin ups,  and push ups.  Bathing suit season is around the corner so perhaps I will reconsider it or maybe some spin classes at the new Spin City- a studio exclusively for the cycling crowd.


Amongst other things, on my to do list this year are tennis and stand up paddle boarding.  Yup- SUP! My two boys and husband surf and once a year, every year, I give it a go only to find myself with a gallon of water up my nose, holding onto my bathing suit for dear life and ducking my head hoping the board does not come down upon it.  Stand up paddle boarding looks both manageable and peaceful and when equipped with a wet suit, it can be done year round.  There are several spots where you can rent a board and check it out….Sweetwater Surf Shop and Coastal Urge are a couple but be sure to touch base with Dockside as well….last fall they had weekly clinics where you could try out a variety of boards right there in the ICWW~ then relax with a Blue Moon draft as you enjoy the sights.  Golf and tennis are wildly popular due to our fabulous weather and while I’ve not had a racquet in my hand for quite some time, I plan on actively pursuing this interest in the spring.  In an effort not to embarrass myself too terribly, I will begin my tennis adventure with a few lessons at the Wrightsville Beach Parks & Rec Department.  Golf…hmmmm.  It is not my forte so I will keep my participation limited to the Hoggard Varsity Boys Lacrosse fundraiser, but for the golf enthusiast out there…..we’ve got it all- in abundance! Last spring we were fortunate to have the NCAA Women’s Golf Championship here in Wilmington, hosted by The Country Club of Landfall along with UNCW, and by all accounts it was a very successful event!


Along with the exercise goes a return to healthy eating habits.  I must have been a rabbit in a previous life because I could eat a good salad, all day, every day!  My favorites can be found at Circa downtown, Brasserie and of course NOFO in the Forum.  While noshing at Jimmie John’s Gourmet sub shop the other day I discovered that they will do any of their sandwiches in what they call a lettuce wrap- just as the name implies, the sub ingredients are wrapped up tight in large pieces of iceberg lettuce and then conveniently packaged for easy, on the go consumption!  Sushi is another one of my lighter go to menu items and as I have previously mentioned, Yo Sake and Bento Box can’t be beat.  Speaking of food……Marc’s on Market is gearing up to begin another round of cooking classes.  This is ALWAYS a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.   Be sure to check it out   Most of the folks mentioned in this post have Facebook pages so be sure to become a fan to keep up with all the latest.

Happy 2011!  As we enter a new year with renewed passion and anticipation always remember…….

“Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.   ~Ernestine Ulmer


The coconut tart with pineapple crème brulee from Brasserie Du Soleil in Lumina Station is must.