Lisa Sledzik
‘Heard it through the grapevine’… A song or a strategy?

Today’s grapevine IS in part, social media and we are employing it as part of a plan to reenergize a marketing campaign for a beach house on Fripp Island in South Carolina.
Why do we care about the sale of a beach house 5 hours away in another state? Because, it will facilitate a transaction right here in our own back yard!
It’s a small world and sometimes you need to work that angle. More times than not as we travel, we come across people we have something in common with. Take our road trip to South Carolina for example. As a result of a post we made on Facebook, we discovered a close friend’s relative owned a lovely art gallery we had visited in nearby Beaufort. The next evening over dinner, we met a couple enjoying a glass of wine next to a roaring fire; his last name was FOG and he was from Nantucket… she was from Atlanta but related to a prominent physician back home in Wilmington. If you are chatty like we are, the six degrees of separation can be frightening yet wonderfully beneficial for real estate marketing, and one of the reasons we love what we do!

Immediately following a successful initial endeavor in Wilmington, we were able to convince Heath Cowart and Melinda Hendershott of Residential Photography in Brevard, North Carolina to meet us at the beach house to work their magic. After 2 days of extensive videography highlighting the house, the community and the amenities on Fripp~ we can’t wait to see the finished product! Stay tuned for
We can’t close this out without giving some serious props to Beaufort, South Carolina. Outside of it’s jaw dropping beauty, we think they are some of the friendliest people on the planet. It is definitely on the short list of favorite places. Check out our amateur video and enjoy the sights. If you are fortunate enough to visit, be sure to dine at Saltus River Grill, Plums, Q, City Java and News, then pop into Bay Street Gallery and ‘M’ for a little retail therapy.

Last but not least, on our way out the door of the beach house we were given the opportunity to add our two cents to a colleague’s blog post that we were discussing just the other day. It touched on some of the less than desirable aspects of our job. Take a peek at our other video and let us know if it makes you laugh.
All in a day’s work!