Lisa Sledzik

I was at the gym tonight debating the topic for my latest blog post when it hit me just like the bosu ball that almost knocked my front teeth out. Post New Year’s physical fitness!  Red wine, Osso Bucco and shortbread cookies haveall taken their toll on my waist line, or lack thereof as the case may be.


My personal fitness routine (and I use that term very loosely) typically consists of a daily trip or two around the Wrightsville Beach ‘Loop’,  20 +/- push ups  (if I do not forget), and a little bit of yoga here and there.  Given the chilly temperatures as of late, I’ve temporarily traded ‘The Loop’ in for the treadmill at the gym.


There are many great workout facilities here in Wilmington which include….Gold’s Gym with multiple locations, O2 Fitness, Wilmington Athletic Center and Crest Fitness; all of which offer everything you could want and then some.  Yoga seems to be hot, no pun intended, these days and there are many places in town that you will find a wide variety of classes.  I am partial to Porter’s Neck Yoga & Spa~ I think it has something to do with the view of the trees.  If you have not tried yoga, put it on your to do list!  It is relaxing and always a good work out, although you may not realize it until the next day. Devotees of Pilates will find themselves with a multitude of options from Gold’s Gym to personal, in home Reformer sessions. There seems to be a buzz in town surrounding a couple of new Cross Fit locations.  I’ve not experimented with this yet and from what I hear, chances are I won’t!  As you have already gathered from my ‘fitness routine’, I am more of a casual exerciser….which I understand Cross Fit is not.  A friend of mine in Charlotte is very familiar with Cross Fit and she can run circles around me after she has done a zillion squats, chin ups,  and push ups.  Bathing suit season is around the corner so perhaps I will reconsider it or maybe some spin classes at the new Spin City- a studio exclusively for the cycling crowd.

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“They can’t touch me, they can’t touch me, they can’t touch me”~ this is what I said to myself over and over as I squeezed the life out of Konni’s hand while making our way through the much talked about haunted attraction, Panic Attack! Located in an 11,000 square foot warehouse, the originators of the concept have invested a reported $500,000 in what can only be described as an incredibly detailed attempt to scare the daylights out of you~ around every corner. I have a bit of a weak stomach and I am certainly NOT a fan of all things horror but I have to admit, this was very entertaining.  If you enjoy Halloween, grab some friends that are good conversationalists and brave the long line.  One last suggestion… happy hour prior to….is probably not a good idea.  (Bento Box in the Forum or Yo Sake downtown would be great spots to ‘unwind’, post Panic)


Interested in something seasonal, family oriented, & age appropriate?  Check out Wrightsville Beach Elementary’s Fall Festival.  Extremely well done every year, this is traditional, old school family fun complete with costumes, face painting, games, etc.  If you don’t fill up at the festival, head over to Vito’s Pizza or Tower 7.

Wrightsville Beach Elementary Fall Festival…Friday, October 29th 4-7pm

Last but not least, if you are looking for some leaf peeping opportunities, set your sights on Asheville! At a little more than 5 hours away from Wilmington, there is no better place to take in the beauty of the mountains.  For the more adventurous souls, an exciting way to get up close and personal with your surroundings is on a zip line tour!  While I just returned from a short jaunt to Asheville, I did not have the benefit of this information during my trip or I would post a photo of myself zipping through the forest, however my parents gave this a whirl 2 weeks ago and they are raving about it…..

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